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Emin Gün Sirer
Emin Gün Sirer @el33th4xor

RT @veradittakit: ???? Hot off the press: “VeradiVerdict - What Does Layer 0/BDN For Scalability Look Like? - Issue #38”…

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Simon Cocking
Simon Cocking @SimonCocking

RT @EemerEivers: Bit of news! I’ve just moved to a new office space in @talentgardenie I'm now located on DCU's Innovation Campus in Glasne…

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Vortex @theonevortex

RT @DriftwoodPalace: @saifedean @PeterSchiff I'll side with Saif and Rothbard on the question if gold cuff-links and use in electronics are…

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BitcoinWeibo @BitcoinWeibo

快兰斯24小时财经直播: 实时播报:★★【【比特币期货将近10个月以来第二次收于8000美元整数位心理关口上方】】CME比特币期货BTC 7月合约收涨200美元,涨幅大约2.55%,报8050美元,5月15日以8225美元录得2018年7月24日以来前月合约的收盘最高位; ...

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