Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges. How to buy and sell?

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges. How to buy and sell?

Dec 17, 2017 at 00:00

Person willing to buy cryptocurrencies for the first time will need to register on cryptocurrency exchange and use fiat currencies such as USD or EUR to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency. We have identified few popular cryptocurrency exchanges that could be of interest to person willing to buy cryptocurrencies, though each individual shall do his own analysis before making decision.

TOP 13 Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges

# Exchange Deposit currency commentary Trading fees Country
1 Bitfinex
Bitfinex - the world's largest and most advanced cryptocurrency trading platform
Accepts US Dollars

Does not accept Euro
Bitfinex offers an exceptionally user-friendly trading platform. It also is the biggest exchange, so even if you choose not to trade here, you can easily follow the cryptocurrency movement direction. It must be noted that Bitfinex was hacked in 2016 with $70 million stolen as a result. Since then the exchange no longer offers conversion into US Dollars. Bitfinex offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies for purchase and trading. 0.1% (M)
0.2% (T)
(decreases with growing turnover)

Bitfinex fees
Hong Kong
2 Bitstamp
Bitstamp - start trading Bitcoin (BTC), XRP, Litecoin (LTC), Ether (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Accepts US Dollars

Does not accept Euro
Bitstamp is modern and easy to use. It has a few downsides, but rarely crashes while its biggest advantage is the fact that it accepts Euro via SEPA transfers made through a Slovenian bank. Notably, cryptocurrency rates appear somewhat higher here, but the overall difference is still insignificant as the rates have a tendency to fluctuate and change. 0.25% (M, T)
(decreases with growing turnover)

Bitstamp fees
Luxemburg, Slovenia, UK, USA
3 HitBTC
HitBTC is the most advanced Bitcoin exchange
Does not accept US Dollars*

Does not accept Euro
HitBTC has been on the market for a fairly long time. It is a user-friendly platform offering a wide range of altcoins, i.e. unpopular cryptocurrencies that might jump up. On the downside, it does not allow you to deposit cash, but instead offers USDT (virtual dollar) with a rate 1:1 to the real dollar. HitBTC was robbed in 2015 and has not disclosed the amount of stolen BTC. 0.01% (non-urgent)
0.1% (urgent)

HitBTC fees
Europe (Germany)
4 Bittrex
Bittrex - the Next-Generation Digital Currency Exchange
Does not accept US Dollars*

Does not accept Euro
Bittrex is a truly user-friendly platform. As of recently, it no longer offers deposits or withdrawals in FIAT currencies (Euro or US Dollar). Bittrex does not count among the biggest exchanges, however avoids crashes in peak times and serves well for trading as its rates are a little bit lower compared to Bitfinex. 0.25% (M, T)

Bittrex fees
5 Kraken
Kraken - bitcoin and ethereum trading, leveraged margin trading, and dark pool
Accepts US Dollars

Accepts Euro (SEPA)
Kraken is a popular exchange among the EU countries, however it is very slow. The purchase will likely go through on your 10th attempt and you will often come across the “404 error”. You will try to buy and it will appear that you are unsuccessful, but 10 minutes later you get a message that the purchase has gone through, etc. It would have been great and convenient if not for the stream of negative reviews resulting from constant crashes. It is popular, because it accepts Euro and has a fast-responding support team. Also, it offers a good range of cryptocurrencies. 0.16% (M)
0.26% (T)
(decreases with growing turnover)

Kraken fees
USA (San Francisco); works in many countries
6 Poloniex
Does not accept US Dollars*

Does not accept Euro
Poloniex is on the list of popular exchanges, but also faces problems including crashes, slow processing, failed cryptocurrency transfers and a variety unexplained mistakes among others. Does not accept FIAT currency deposits (Euro, US Dollar) and only offers trading in cryptocurrencies. Fewer number of crashes compared to Kraken. Additionally, offers quite a number of exotic cryptocurrencies. 0.15% (M)
0.25% (T)
(decreases with growing turnover)

Poloniex fees
7 Bithumb
KRW Bithumb is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea. It has an influence on the whole market. Most often, the money flowing from South Korea does affect cryptocurrency price changes. 0.15% (M, T)

Bithumb fees
South Korea
8 Bitflyer
JPY Bitflyer is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in Japan. It is quite modern and user-friendly. 0.25% (M, T)

Bitflyer fees
9 Gemini
Gemini - the next generation digital asset platform built for businesses and investors
USD Gemini is a cryptocurrency exchange based in New York, USA. Its fees are similar to everywhere else and the platform is easy to use. 0.25% (M, T)

Gemini fees
USA (New York)
GDAX offers institutions and professionals the ability to trade a variety of digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more on a regulated U.S. based exchange
USD GDAX exchange is one of the most popular ones in the US. It operated under the name Coinbase before it changed to GDAX. Coinbase (the most popular BTC wallet) and GDAX have a huge influence on all the Bitcoin wars that happen within the community. 0% (M)
0.25% (T)

GDAX fees
Canada, UK, USA, Europe, Australia and Singapore
11 Coinone
KRW Coinone is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe. It opens attractive trading opportunities thanks to its low fees. Most often, because of the KRW currency rate differences, prices here (converting into US Dollar) are higher compared to Europe. 0.1% (M, T)
(decreases with growing turnover)

Coinone fees
South Korea
12 Okex
none Okex is a Hong Kong based cryptocurrency exchange. It offers small taxes and a convenient trading platform. 0.1% (M, T)
(depending on the currency)

Okex fees
Hong Kong
13 Huobi
none Huobi formerly was the biggest cryptocurrency exchange platform in China. However, following China’s ban on cryptocurrency trade in Chinese Yuan, it had to move to a different jurisdiction. It chose the Seychelles and is currently trying to get back on track. 0.2% (M, T)

Huobi fees
Seychelles (previously China)

*Many cryptocurrency exchanges do not accept the US Dollar and use Tether (USDT) instead. USDT represents a virtual US Dollar with a 1:1 value to the real US Dollar. However, it does not bear any direct connection to the US. Exchanges came up with this idea in order to make their operations easier and enable their clients to avoid any potential inconvenience with the US laws.

We wish you all luck and please be careful. If you have any comments regarding the list of cryptocurrency exchanges, please email at

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